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For while the object is a material body,
it is also, simultaneously, a mental realm
over which I hold sway, a thing whose
meaning is governed by myself alone. I
t is all my own, the object of my passion.
 Jean Baudrillard
The System of Collecting
Pravda! (Something admirable – Something savage), is deeply inspired by the aftermath of the Russian Revolution. My fascination with this specific era is based on extensive research and fragmented family history. Therefore confronted with the lack of specific or personal information and experience, the fabrication of an alternative history and the fusion of metaphorical levels, create a new dimension for this series. It is an attempt to explore the concept of Russian Messianism, to displace and juxtapose elements of research, anecdotes and forgotten faces in multilayered compositions of panel paintings and embroidery. I am establishing an intense relationship with material, process and subject matter in order to create an irregular storyline, a collection of tactile objects that embody my imagination.